To the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany

Äthiopischer Migrationsrat in Deutschland”e.v

Deutsch­Athiopisches Musik­und Kulturzentrum”e,V


To the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany

In the history of the world, there was no government of a country who killed his own people who are protesting peacefully, but now it becomes true in Ethiopia due to a regime called TPLF/EPRDF. This is a minority group who is leading the country for the last 25 years without sharing the power to any real opposition parties. At this time, the people in all regions of the country has been aware of their dictatorial and corruptive administration. As a result of this, during this time, the people has started to oppose and to avoid them from their power using public violence. Due to this, TPLF/EPRDF is now killing peaceful protesters und the country is found under military control. Military forces are forced to kill their own family inside the country instead of keeping the security of the country at boarder. During previous election, they have cheated the word society saying that we won 100%. But this was very unrealistic and unacceptable.

Lastly Ethiopia is found now at the edge of a full­ scale crisis. Many of the Ethiopian people are now asking for their right and protesting against the dictatorial regime of Ethiopia. The minority- led government is responding by killing the peaceful protesters instead of hearing and solving his problems. Currently the number of killed individuals in Addis Ababa, Oromia and Amhara regions has reached hundreds as can be seen from the recent report of Human Right Watch. A huge demonstration in historic city of Gondar, the capital of an ancient Ethiopian empire, has been followed by calls for nation­ wide protests in all regions of the country. The government- controlled security forces has killed civilians including children. Only in Gondar about 82 people have killed and 67 people haven wounded. Oromiya about 100­ People have killed Gojjam- Bahir Dar about 57 haven killed People have In addition, TPLF is now selling the borders of Ethiopia to the neighboring countries. They are planning to establish their own state called “the great Tigray”. Having this in mind, they have taken earlier some regions which were that of Amhara. One of these regions is Wolkayit. At this time the people in these regions are asking their ethnicity to be Amhara , but not Tigray. But the response of the government is killing of

those individuals who raised such a question. The reality is that Wolkayit belongs to Amhara.

We believe that the Oromo and Amhara protest movements could change the course of Ethiopia’s future, even if the government has attempted to suppress the unrest through force and still TPLF regime denies firing on protesters. Afraid of this, the regime does not want to allow the entrance of United Nations independent investigation groups in to the country. Local journalists are heavily constrained, and it is known that Ethiopia is one of the biggest jailers of journalists on the continent. Limitations on independent media, jamming of television and radio signals, and recent blocking of social media all point to a government afraid to allow its citizens access to independent information. Foreign journalists do not fare much better, especially if they attempt to venture out of the capital to do their reporting. We are now afraid that Ethiopia will be one of the failed states of East Africa. We do not want the same history to be repeated in Ethiopia, which has

been seen previously in countries like Syria, Libya, South Sudan and Yemen. This is because, human right violation and oppression of TPLF /EPRDF has been spread in all parts of Ethiopia.

This regime is immersed in politics which are intertwined with tribe and ethnicity. Almost all of the people has not supported this regime. That is why the response of the regime becomes killing of the unarmed peaceful protesters.

Ethiopia is currently found under the umbrella of deep sadness because of the widespread arrests of activists, religious leaders and journalists, the closure of political space, the decimation of civil society, the misuse of anti ­terrorism laws to criminalize dissent, the shutting down of the social media­ including the Internet, the eviction of the hundreds of thousands of people from homes and land to the benefit of regime cronies and foreign investors, the questionable economic statistics related to growth and the overall ethnic ­based domination of opportunity and resources to one ethnic group. We are asking the word community to respond to this inhumane and genocide regime and to stop standing at side of them. Otherwise, it will be counted as being participated in such a crime situation.

The Ethiopians are now found united and struggling day and night using all possible ways to bring justice, freedom, equality and shared opportunity to all people in all regions of the country and mainly to prevent a possible genocide and destabilization of our beloved country, Ethiopia.

We condemn the killings of innocent people and we demand that the government stop killing unarmed and peacefully demonstrating citizens in all parts of Ethiopia.



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