Ethiopian people patriotic front guard had regular meeting and honored 121st Adwa victory in Nürnburg city Germany

Reported by:- Bikesegn Haileleul  and Alemayehu Kidanewold

Photo by:- Michael Mekonenne

March 4, 2017 – the Ethiopian People Patriotic front Guard (EPPFG) had honored the 121st Adwa victory day and conducted its regular meeting in Nürnberg. The meeting was conducted from 14:00 to 17:00 local time.

 Mr. Luel Keskis chairman of the Ethiopian People Patriotic front guard Germany opened the meeting by his welcome speech. On his speech he honored Patriots during Adwa Victory and Emperor Millink II .


He said it is 121 years since Ethiopian army which leads by Emperor Millink II defeated Italians at the battle of Adwa. The Ethiopian victory in 1896 was the battle that ended Italian Colonial ambitions in Ethiopia. Though In this period of time there remarkable victory proud us (the Ethiopia Nations), the so called Wayne (one ethnic) government colonize Ethiopia since 25 years. Weyane would erase this victory by running one ethnic policy by dominating and killing others – therefore we should stand and struggle like our fathers.


On his similar speech we should be careful and selective on using social Medias. We should not take part in sharing useful information and photos that help Weyane . Because after the people , who is in current struggle , photos or interviews exposed on media they have been killed by Weyane killers . We who lives abroad are became the source of information and working against the current struggle.

 Followed Mr. Luel speech there was a short movie from internet about ADWA victory. From stage the meeting was conducted by Mr. Tilahun Gudeta (EPPFG –Gemeny Secreatry general ),Mr. Bikesegn Haileleul (EPPFG Bayern vice president ), Mr. Alemayehu Kidanewold (EPPFG Würzburg area president ) , Mr. Rodas Tesfaye (EPPFG Hessen area propaganda and advocacy head) . The current Ethiopian political situations and state of Emergency was the main topics and took great discussion among the participants. On the second half of the meeting there was question and answer from participants .



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